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..nandk.com.. Many these cases are among the most obstinate and dangerous that a medical man has deal with. Patients often die the disease, in spite bleedings, calomel, essay online service review and opium if now and then one should lost water which can at most very rarely happen if any thing well done, need not said, Oh, water http://www.nandk.com/buy-a-term-paper-service/ killed the patient ! If I had http://www.nandk.com/how-to-edit-essays/ an attack this disease, I would rather remain in a bath http://www.nandk.com/help-with-biology-essays/ or tub water for many hours, than allow the dreadful pain wrenching one as does the very vitals. I would check prefer remain in the water and die there, if I must, than quail under the racking tortures often caused this disease. Cold water, rightly used, more powerful than any or all other agents In this very painful and sometimes dangerous disease, Priessnitz's treatment as follows Prolonged cold sitz bath, rubbing the abdomen with the wet hand at the same time, and cold injections the bowels. ..111..